Boring system Guide

Boring (geological exploration) consists of drilling & mining boring, construction boring, and oil & Gas exploration. The oil and & gas exploration refers to a boring aimed at exploring an oil field.

In this case, boring is conducted to the depth of from 2,000m to 8,000m. (More than 15,000m is bored when it comes to marine oil & gas exploration.)

The three different products are used for each case. Taesung is specialized in drilling & mining boring and construction boring equipments.

Unlike oil and & gas exploration, the two boring methods analyze and utilize the poles of core (soil, rock, rock base underground).

The construction boring evaluate the lower layer of the ground and check out the level of the underground water or base rock, providing a basic knowledge in drawing a blueprint to change or enhance the condition of the ground and start construction.

It is used in building high rises, apartment buildings, bridges, dams, and nuclear waste disposal plants. The drilling & mining boring refers to an exploration that follows the primary research of the surface soil. (satellite pictures) It measures the accurate estimate of mineral resources and decides the exploration method of mineral resources.

In general, boring is conducted from 500m to 2,000m underground. For instance, in case of gold mining exploration, the initial research of surface soil is conducted to decide on the estimated area, and core of about 20,000m is collected.

Factors such as what tunneling equipment is used to collect, analyze cores and where to dig up mineral resources are considered before collecting mineral resources.

Taesung is the only producer in Korea that has its own technology to build drilling & mining boring and construction boring equipments. We are the top player in the domestic market, and are actively working to export the products to overseas countries.